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Business of all Statutory Committees commenced

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The business of all four of the major Committees of the Judicial Council is underway. The Judicial Studies, Personal Injuries Guidelines, Judicial Conduct and Sentencing Guidelines and Information Committees have all commenced their work. Each of these individual Committees has, independently, a significant role to play in fulfilling the overall mandate of the Council.

The Judicial Council Act 2019 provides statutory deadlines for the establishment and the first meetings of these Committees. The Council has met all of these deadlines. At its first meeting in February 2020 the Council set out a timetable for the establishment of all of its Committees. A challenging schedule of establishment dates was fixed for the various Committees on dates in February, March, April and June 2020 and all statutory meetings were held within the timeframes provided in the Judicial Council Act.

The planning and delivery of programmes of work is ongoing. Further information on the progress of each Committee is and will be provided in the dedicated section for Judicial Studies, Personal Injuries, Sentencing and Judicial Conduct on this website.